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FAQ Bath & Body

Why Use our Gorgeous Sugar Scrubs?
Besides the fact they're Ridiculously Delicious & FuN!

Did You Know?... Sugar is alpha-hydroxy rich to give you glowing skin.
Guaranteed to give you soft sexy kissable skin Instantly!...Yep, our
 sugar scrubs will give you the Ultimate at Home Spa pampering w/delicious fragrances. Sugar is also full of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protect it from toxins. Once your dead skin cells are removed, the skin can circulate more efficiently, breathing in good nourishment and expelling toxins. Your skin will have a delicious soft fragrant glow, more uniform appearance & will be baby soft.

Now the question is... why wouldn't you use a sugar scrub?
100% Calorie Free Ultimate pampering Indulgence...Suggested Use: daily or 3x a week min.*

PLease Note: Nut Allery Info
Our Bath & Body Products do contain contain Sweet Almond,Coconut,Shea Butter, Rice Bran ,Jojoba
Have questions? us prior to ordering/consult your doctor.

Sugar Scrub Cautions:
Sugar Scrubs are NOT for facial use they are for BODY Use Only.
Please Do Not Eat...intended for External Use Only.
Not for gals under the age of 13.
Always do a patch test if you are unsure of anything.Always.

Did ya Know?
Our Whipped Body Cremes are made from 97% Naturally Derived Ingredients.
Our Cake Frosting Sugar Scrubs, Soaps & Body Oils are Paraben Free.

Beauty FAQ:
Beauty Nutrition Facts:
Total Calories: 0%
Total Sweet Indulgence:110%
Total Fun Factor:110%
Suggested Serving: As Much As YA Want!

*How do I use my Freshly Made Sugar Scrubs?
This is a creamy whipped cake frosting like texture amazingly delicious body sugar scrub...wet skin, place desired amount on hand or puff & rub all over body in circular motion, avoiding sensitive areas and face (be sure to enjoy the experience) Rinse clean when done. Yummy Yum fun in the shower & you get kissable soft exfoliated glowing skin when done! *Use at least 3x a week or daily for sexy soft kissable skin... guaranteed! *Not for use on Face*

*How do the Gorgeous Sugar Scrubs arrive to Me?
These luscious cake frosting like sugar scrubs are shown all whipped up, overflowing out of the jar, so you can see what delicious yummy awaits you inside. They all come in the jar shown w/ a lid...yes, we know it would be awesome to ship'em in a container like a Sundae from the Dairy Queen...we'll keep our thinking caps on for that request!

*How Do I Use the Luxe Body Creme?
Our fresh & creamy cake batter body creme' is for everyday use. Our  luscious body creme' moisturizes for daily skin care w/ no sheen left on skin, your skins drinks it in...contains Shea Butter,Goatsmilk, Honey, Aloe & Sunflower Oil. A fabulous staple product to have....ya gotta take care of your skin daily. *use daily for soft sexy kissable skin*

*How do I use the Shower Smoothie Cream Soap?
Our dreamy creamy soaps are just about as Fun as it gets in the shower! Place a small amount on hand or puff,  Must wet skin or hand an Slather & Lather it, fun fun....ya might not wanna get out of the shower! *Use daily*Great for fabulous fun while shaving legs! A Fabulously Fun pampering product.

*Why do some of my products change color over time?
Some products made with Vanilla based fragrances will change color over time. There is nothing wrong with them, it is just the Vanilla base. So, keep them all... they're as yummy as when ya got them.

*Can I spray my Body Mist/Body Icing Gloss in my hair?
Yes, you can! Our sugargirl body mists/body icing gloss do not contain any alcohol.We say spray it everywhere for sweet yummy all over you. The body icing gloss will add luscious shine to your hair & tame any frizz, a wonderful multi-taskig must have beauty product PS: Be sure to add some body icing gloss to your bath for the softest skin ever.

*Just A Side Note:
All fragrances are not for everybody....Please be aware that spicy/cinnamon scents sometimes can cause redness to sensitive skin. We suggest not buying those type of scents if you know that your skin is sensitive.