Santa's Sugarland *Bath & Body*Perfume Holiday Collection

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Santa Luvs His Sugary Treats & You Will Too
...Enjoy All The His Holiday Fun Favorite Fragrances.

*Wake Up! It's Christmas...A holiday classic fragrance of sweet sugary spruce tree deliciously swirled w/ Santa's own frosted buttery sugar cookies.Festive fun.

*Nuttin For Christmas...Are ya getting nuttin for Christmas?...have you been a little naughty this year!...our nutty fragrance opens up with sweet candied hazelnuts swirled in warm maple sugar kissed w/ a sugary vanilla's a nutcracker sweet treat!

I Believe In Santa!:....Santa has a sweet tooth!...and these are just the thing to satisfy w/ yummy raw chocolate chip cookie dough  kissed with loads of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows folded in and baked to perfection ...If you believe in Santa, he'll satisfy your little sweet tooth this holiday season...he's so sweet.

Santa Baby:...Sweet & Sexy for the Holidays. You'll be tempted with sweet sugary strawberries & bubbly fun pink champagne all while enjoying the aromas of butercreme frosting almond cookies...Mmmm what a sweet combination.

Santa's Candied Reindeer Treats...Santa's Loves his sweet candied chestnuts with swirls of  candied golden brown sugars & toasty warm chestnuts topped off with  mini sticky gooey caramelized marshmallows......................Mmm holiday sweet treats anyone?

*Tis The Season for Cupcakes...the Seasons most deliciously fun caramel confetti cupcakes with swirls of warm brown sugar frosted off with hot buttery vanilla creme topped w/ fun candy sprinkles.....delicious & decadent for the Seasons sweetest indulgence.

*Fa La La Frosting:.....
Be jolly this Christmas with indulgent sweet french vanilla frosting kissed with loads of buttery sugarcreme and toasted marshmallow drops......Fa La La La fuN...Indulge in frosting without the calories.

*Naughty or Nice:....A naughty blend of luscious cherry dipped marshmallows, homespun vanilla sugars & a touch of sugary spun berry cotton candy....Which one will you be this Holiday Season?

*Christmas Candyland:...Who can resist a candyland filled with sticky sugary twirly swirly Sweet-Tooth Treats!....A sweet explosion of fun of Chocolates Candies, Pink Cotton Candy, Sugared Sparkling Strawberries, Marshmallows,...a fun fragrance for gals of all ages.

Beauty Nutrition Facts:
Total Calories: 0%
Total Sugary Holiday Indulgence:110%
Total Fun Factor:110%
Suggested Serving: As Much As YA Want!