...With Love From Paris~Shower Smoothie Cream Soap~8oz.

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Fabulously FuN in the Shower!
It's like whipped cream only it's Soap...how cool is that?!
It's the Ultimate indulgence.
Comes in an 8oz. Plastic jar w. candy rose or sprinkles on Top.Fun.

Use in place of body wash/bar soap for a fabulously fun bathing experience.
*Best Bubbly results w/ a bath puff when tested
*Luxuriously fun for Shaving legs...Yep!

It is the ULTIMATE PAMPERING ...infused with Luxurious Shea Butter.
Our delicious dreamy creamy soaps all contain skin softening & nutrient rich ingredients including Coconut Oil & Sweet Almond Oil rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E making it very beneficial for dry skin. It has soothing, healing, softening, revitalizing and nourishing properties that help to relieve itching and dryness. Your skin will feel like silky smooth icing and oh so yummy! Never tried a whipped foaming cream soap before...What are you waiting for?!?

Suggested use: Everyday for soft sexy skin & the most deliciously indulgent at home pampering experience.